The initial intention of this blog was to continue my work coaching students just entering the workforce (see my bio below).  But that would be boring.  Overdone.  Stale.  I needed a twist that would make things interesting.  That’s why I decided to blog 100% through analogies.  Analogies are fun to write, read, and share.  They are easier to digest and more appealing to reference back to.

Analogy is a powerful tool that we can use to translate our experience into something our audience is more familiar with.  It lets us tell our story in their terms.  Practicing analogy also encourages us to become empathetic storytellers.

My hope is to translate boring, often ignored career and life advice into something exciting and actually impactful.  I want these posts to linger in the back of your mind as you face the ruthless world out there.

Secondly, I hope that reading this blog inspires you to use the power of analogy in your own endeavors — Tell your story in others terms.  I may consider writing a howto post for crafting analogies as I hone the skill myself.

Feedback is openly welcomed and encouraged — Please submit requests for analogies so that I may target my posts to your interests.



Hello, World!  My name is Kevin and I work at a large enterprise while sporting long, curly hair.  Like an inside-out mullet, I’m party on the outside, business on the inside.  At first glance, you would probably guess that I’m a surfer.  Musician.  Stoner.  Only one of those things are true (don’t fret [pun definitely intended], its the surfing).

I grew up in Southern California and was recently drawn to the San Francisco Bay Area like a moth to the flame.  I’m a millennial who tries to foster fun and enthusiasm in everyday life (but I’m very serious about my coffee).  Speaking of serious, in college I was the president of a club that mentors technology majors to excel in their early careers.  We dedicated our college experience towards helping technical students understand how to dress up, shake a hand, exchange a card, and most importantly: clearly communicate their experiences and passion.  Coming out of college, the mentorship part of my life became a void unfilled.  I now look for every opportunity to mentor students and recent graduates.  This blog is also one of those outlets.  If you have a specific professional challenge you are facing, please don’t hesitate to reach out — I will gladly post by request (using the power of analogy of course).

In practice, you could think of me as an aspiring consultant/strategist in the business IT space.  A techie in a sport coat.  A smoothie with some spinach.  Why am I telling you this?  Because the foundation of my career is focused on the translation between two very different groups of people.

Explain to a project manager why the software integration needs more time.  Explain to the developer why a deliverable needs to be done this week, even if quality suffers.  This is a very challenging middle ground to take, and relies heavily on tactical communication.   One of the more versatile tactics is to use an analogy.  Starting this blog is an avenue for me to hone this skill as well as share its power in how we communicate.


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