Coaching for Success: 4 Ways Networking is Just Like Blogging

Coaching for Success: 4 Ways Networking is Just Like Blogging

Whether you know it or not, you’re in the business of marketing yourself as a brand. You may be an engineer (check out the network engineer’s guide to office politics), developer, accountant, or artist by trade, but you will need to keep coaching yourself as a marketer for your #1 product: you!

In a sense, blogging is the same concept with the added risk of entrepreneurship. With that risk, bloggers need to be experts in personal branding. We can learn a lot from them and apply it to standing out in the corporate world.

Here are 4 ways that the corporate and blogging worlds melt together:


1.  A succinct message is key

People are busy not only in their professional lives, but also their personal. They don’t have time to cut through crap and decipher what you’re trying to say (same thing goes for your emails). The best bloggers capitalize on this by skipping the bread and serving up their juicy content steak.

Always ask yourself, “is this really worth their time?”


2.  You have to add value quick to get buy-in

We as savvy consumers are skeptical by nature. Do you ever take what people pitch at face value? More than likely, you analyze deeper and question if it’s too good to be true (unless it was a really good Snapchat elevator pitch). Successful bloggers beat you to it by putting their best content front and center, and then give something awesome away for free to SHOW you their value, as opposed to TELLING you.

What’s your best “content”, and what could you do for your corporate stakeholders to demonstrate quick value?


3.  Subscribers are your lifeblood

It’s nice to have an audience’s ad hoc attention, but scoring their undivided interest in your work is nirvana. Ask any big name blogger where their best support comes from, and they will give you one answer: their email subscribers.

In the corporate world, we call these people mentors, coaches, and advocates. In a sense, they have subscribed to your career trajectory and are engaged each step of the way. You decide how much you will leverage them (maybe they’ll even give you a credibility loan).

How can you build your career subscriber list? Are you keeping them engaged?


4.  The best way to grow is by coaching yourself is to get out there and network

While amateur bloggers stay within the safe walls of their own site, professionals are all over the web as guests, contributors, and thought leaders. They know that this is the most effective way to expand their audience (and grind their Pokémon!).

In your 9-to-5 job, keeping your head down also keeps your professional network down. Volunteering for special projects puts you in a much better position for future opportunities, regardless of how successful you were in those stretch assignments.

What can you do to “guest post” on other people’s work as a win-win?


As a marketer coaching for yourself, the author to your own career blog, what are you doing to tailor your message? To add quick value? To build your subscriber base? To take risks and put yourself out there?

Share your story below!


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