Elevator Pitch Examples for Students: It’s Like Snapchat!

Elevator Pitch Examples for Students: It’s Like Snapchat!

It’s early in the morning. You stumble bleary-eyed into the elevator, pre-coffee (find passion in your coffee). Suddenly, a high profile executive slips in just before the doors close. You’re ripped out of your daze, realizing that this is your one chance to pitch yourself in an attempt to start a lucrative business relationship. The problem is you didn’t research any elevator pitch examples for students!

You say your good mornings and launch right into it. You touch on your background, explain where you are now, cover some of your biggest projects, and just as you’re getting into the part that matters, the elevator door opens. This is your stop – awkward! You keep talking, rationalizing that you can ride back down. The executive points out that this is your floor, and holds an arm out to keep the doors from closing.

Feeling defeated, you know this signals the end of your pitch. She smiles and says “you can finish your thought next time”. You blew it! But how? You spoke fluently and made strong points! The problem? You simply ran out of time. Your elevator pitch was designed for a 30 second ride all the way to the top. Too bad you work on the 8th floor. In reality, you had about 15 seconds.

But what could you possibly do in a 10 second timeframe, considering it takes at least 5 seconds to initiate the conversation? A lot, actually. There are a lot of great elevator pitch examples for students floating out there. Just look at Snapchat — people manage to communicate a lot in that 10 second limit. And then there’s Snapchat Stories for compound messages.


Snaps are Perfect Elevator Pitch Examples for Students

Can you imagine a world where you perfect your elevator pitch via Snapchat? How much quicker would our meetings be? How much more focused would candidates be with recruiters? What if you could deliver your portfolio to a hiring manager as a Snapchat Story? Think of how the uniform modularity of the Snapchat Stories structure could make any pitch more adaptable to variable windows of opportunity. Storytelling is the bedrock of interview success, after all.

15 second elevator ride? Well, you’ve got 5 seconds to initiate the conversation and enough time for one snap – make it count. By now you can see that a snap structure is the perfect way to quickly structure great elevator pitch examples for students.

Some may argue that this doesn’t make sense: “my pitch is an important message – why would I use a platform that deletes my pitch after one viewing?” This is the entire point! In actual pitch opportunities, you only get one shot (cue Eminem) and the audience only hears your message once.

After parting ways, your audience doesn’t get to replay it in case they missed something. Your impact will depend solely on how memorable the message was. The strict time limit is also well aligned with the modern attention span, which happens to be a whopping 8 seconds.


Define Your Snaps

When crafting a Snapchat Story-like structure to perfect your elevator pitch, how do you draw the line between each snap? Ultimately it boils down to: what are the big takeaways you want to call out to the hiring manager? Each snap should capture one of the following: (1) an experience, (2) a capability, or (3) a passion.

Start simple: How would you snap each section of your resume (after you spice it up like it’s going on Instagram)? For example, if you’re a graduating senior with two internships, craft one snap for each one. Add one snap each for your academics and relevant extracurriculars.

What about business pitches? Dissect your proposal into themes. Consider a snap for each component of an analysis framework, such as SBAR (situation, background, analysis, and recommendation) or SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).


Prep Your Pitch

Thinking about your pitches in this way opens up an easy way to practice: actually use Snapchat. In college? Meet with a professional development club and start a “pitchfest” competition through the Snapchat platform. Think of all the great elevator pitch examples for students will come from that exercise! Already graduated? Meet with some peers and Snap each other as a soundboard.

When you snap a colleague your pitch, ask them to recall the main points. Put together a Snapchat story covering your whole resume (make sure it’s Instagram-worthy first!) or proposal as outlined below. Which snaps resonated? Which ones were forgettable? With each resume item standing on its own, you can get targeted feedback of which areas you need to better synthesize and articulate to perfect your elevator pitch.


In the Interview

These 10 second soundbites also make for great launchpads when answering interview questions. let’s say you’re asked “can you tell me about what you do at school outside of the classroom? Are you involved in any clubs or competitions?” You can start your answer strong by delivering your 10 second pitch as a synopsis to your answer. You can then dive into detail where appropriate.

The interviewer may even stop you and ask for details on a specific item you mentioned in your snap. This is highly advantageous to you, as it prevents you from wasting time detailing things irrelevant to the interviewer.


If you search around the web, you’ll notice that people are already using Snapchat to create resume stories. Trendy recruiters are using it as part of the interview process. This is living proof that Snapchat leads to great elevator pitch examples for students. What does your career story look like on Snapchat?


Photo credit: “Snapchat” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  AdamPrzezdziek 



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